Video Conferencing

Top Five Videoconferencing Tips

In this article we’ll briefly discuss Videoconferencing for Homeworkers. We’ll suggest how you can get the best possible video conferencing experience.

So you’ve been on lockdown for a few weeks now. Maybe you are one of the fortunate people whose job allows you to work from home. Or maybe you’re one of the millions who have been forced to close your business and stay home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In either case, a shiny new world is now literally at your fingertips. Welcome to the world of video conferencing.

What is Video conferencing?

In a nutshell, video conferencing lets you have a screen based face to face conversation with your boss, colleagues and customers. You can do this on:

  • your smart phone,
  • tablet,
  • laptop or desktop computer and
  • a host of other purpose built devices

There are many different Video Conferencing applications that you can use, but we’ll get to that later.

Top 5 Tips for the best Video Conferencing Experience

  1. Lighting – This is critical for a good video conferencing experience and is often neglected.
    • Sit facing a light source. Natural light is usually the best if you have this available. However if you home suffers from the lack of an easily accessible natural light source, artificial light will do just fine. Just make sure that you sit facing the light source.
  2. Speak up – Project your voice and use sufficient volume if you want to be comfortably heard
    • You can invest in an inexpensive microphone (more on this later). However most laptop microphones will do just fine for most situations as long as you direct your voice toward it and speak up. Don’t shout by the way.
  3. Position your camera – Make sure the camera is correctly positioned
    • For best experience, It’s always best to point the camera directly at your face and make eye contact with your interlocutor. That’s right, I mean the person that you’re conversing with.
    • Also don’t forget to position the camera at eye level if possible.
    • When you’re talking, look at the lens and not at yourself
  4. Use the Customized Background feature
    • Your room probably reflects the fact that there are people living in your home. So you may have toys strewn about or dishes or cups or books or whatever. Most video conferencing apps have the Customized Background feature which enables you to to select a custom background, such as a company logo or office environment or the Golden Gate Bridge, thus  minimizing distractions while you’re on that important call.
  5. Sit up straight and Dress to impress
    • Try and look your best. Do your hair, makeup and smile
    • Dress as you would in the office. Avoid the nightgown and pyjama look

Try these tips for a better video conferencing experience.

Next time, we’ll review microphones and make suggestions for the best sound quality.

Thanks for reading